Endless Possibilities

I’ve been trying to come up with a series of graphics, icons, or illustrations I could do as a personal project. So far all my ideas felt inadequate, unoriginal, uninspired, and simply just not “me”. First I thought I’d do a series of minimalist movie posters, inspired by a Doctor Who background my friend David found. But then I thought that wasn’t much my style. Then I thought I would draw Pen Pen the Penguin in various drawing styles: I could do him in comic book style, minimalist, cartoon, etc. This seemed like a better idea, but not quite good enough (though I may revisit the idea in the future). After that, I attempted to design my own Gowalla icons based on my favorite places that didn’t have icons yet, only to remember that I don’t even use Gowalla, so what’s the point.

Finally inspiration struck.

Friday afternoon, I had just gotten off work and was waiting for the IF bus to take me home, when I looked down at my notebook in my lap. Laying open, the page was blank and staring back at me. The sight of it made me happy just thinking of all the possibilities of what I could sketch. This made me ponder about what else made me happy in this simple carefree way.

A full tank of gas. A brand new notebook. Fresh fallen snow, untouched by the feet of passerbys.

I found my theme. And I was finally happy with it.

It’s called: “Endless Possibilities”

P.S Happy birthday to me!


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