Blank Check


Inspiration has finally struck. I’m back into graphic design mood and I’ve done my second piece of my Endless Possibilities series. This time it’s a blank check.

After the success of designing my own business cards last night, I thought I’d design my own checks as well. Of course I won’t ever actually get customized checks because I so rarely use them save for once a month to pay rent.

The check doesn’t follow the same style as the gas gauge simply because gas gauges I can see as rounded, shiny objects, whereas checks are just thin pieces of paper. I did however use this handy tutorial that I used for a previous STA assignment (Here‘s that assignment if you’re curious).

Of course none of the information except my zip code are real. Actually there are three TV show references in the numbers. I would wonder if anyone could catch them but honestly I would not have even been able to because I had to look all three up.

Top right “1077”: Fry’s PIN number (Futurama)

Numbers underneath 1077: The Doctor’s number (Doctor Who Series 4)

Bottom left numbers: Emergency number (The IT Crowd)


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