T3, The Think Tank & Il Sangue

Happy 8/8 everybody!

It’s been a while since my last post. I thought I’d give a brief update of what I’ve been up to.

I recently got hired by T3 as a freelance web developer to help out with one of their projects. I started last Tuesday and it’s pretty awesome to get to work for them full-time. It’s only a temporary job (a couple weeks) but I’m really loving the experience I’m getting so far. Lots of my job is mostly copy paste work and organizing a lot of the content spreadsheets, but I’ve met a lot of cool people. Although the work itself isn’t really what I want for my career, getting to see the work of this industry in real-time is the main reason I took the job. Hopefully a full-time job can come out of it? If not T3, somewhere else? Fingers crossed. I’m hoping this freelance gig works as a good stepping stone into the industry.

I haven’t had much chance to work on my projects because I just finished moving in with my boyfriend Travis last week. However, both of us have taken on a request from a friend for a site revamp. One of our Japanese classmates Gin (short for Virginia) has her own business of selling clothes online that she makes herself (she’s very good, to say the least). She’s hoping for a complete rehaul: design, front-end, back-end, the works. Here’s her site if you’re interested in seeing what she’s got right now: Il Sangue. I’ll be working on the design while Travis will be working on the coding and backend stuff. We’re hoping to not only help a friend out, but make another worthwhile portfolio piece.


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