Il Sangue is Now Live!

About seven months ago, I pushed the second version of live. And within a week, Ginny contacted me wanting a site redesign. This was in the middle of my last semester at UT Also Known As My Hardest Semester of School In My Entire Life. Needless to say, this redesign was put on the backburner.

Then in early August, after finally being done with school, managing to find a full-time job, and finishing moving into a new apartment with Travis, I emailed Ginny and asked if she was still on for a redesign. She was. And so started my first real project with a real client. Travis joined in pretty soon after, his web development skills far surpassing my own.

It wasn’t long until we realized we definitely underestimated our first ever project. What we thought would only take us a month and a half took three. But Ginny was the best client we could ever ask for. She was patient, understanding, and had great taste in design. Countless times I’ve had to draw up mockups for someone while working at UT, and countless times that someone picked the weakest mockup of the bunch. With Ginny, I only made one set of mockups, convinced I couldn’t do any better. Thankfully, she approved and it was then coded by Travis into the site you can view now. There are a few kinks here and there we need to tweak, but other than that, it’s done.

If you’re reading this Ginny, thanks for being such a great first client for us at Happy Ghost. You really were our guinea pig in our process of learning our, well, process. I hope you enjoy your new site!

Finally, here’s the site, all ready to go! I introduce:

Il Sangue logo


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