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Remember how I said on Saturday I may have new work lined up freelance-wise? Yeah, I already finished it.

My good friend Chelsie started a cooking blog called “Inside the Simple Kitchen”, a site geared towards helping people who want to cook for one or two people. When Chelsie noticed that most cooking blogs are targeted towards families, she took it upon herself – as a woman in a household of two (plus a dog) – to start a blog for couples or people living on their own. With this knowledge in mind (and a few references of Chelsie’s favorite cooking blogs & logos), I set out to design a logo.

Now, I’ve been wanting to try using negative space in a logo for a while now and this finally gave me the chance to do it. I feel like I’ve really outdone myself with this one and it’s definitely boosted my confidence. I may be cut out for this job afterall.

Head on over to her site to see it live! Not to mention to check out her delicious recipes.


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