Designing for Christmas!

holiday-snowmanChristmas is around the corner (exactly a fortnight in fact!) and I, like everyone else, am getting ready for it. I’ve got most of my shopping list done, just waiting on a few gifts in the mail.

As much as I would love to give gifts to all the people I care about, I’ve only been out of college a few months and I’m not exactly making bank as a contrator, so buying gifts for all the friends & family on my list is just not an affordable option. So that means getting creative. And it means designing my own Christmas cards!

I’ve been in a slump design-wise where I can’t bring myself to work on independent projects so this is perfect. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

Below are some sneakpeeks of my two finished cards. I’m still working on a third and possibly fourth design. I’ll be printing them myself at home (nothing fancy, I can’t do legitimate screenprinting without spending a bit of money on equipment) and then mailing them off. I’m hoping to have the designs finalized by Tuesday and have them printed and in the mail within the week.


Using a reindeer was Travis’s idea. Decorating his antlers was mine.


The holiday card I designed for work.

(They’re sized like that because I made them with the intention of putting them on dribbble, but I still haven’t gotten drafted so I’m just making my own snippets on here in the meantime).


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