Dr. Robot has a Degree and a Name


Hard at work on Dr. Robot, Crash, and their background of the scene they’ll be in. Dr. Robot now has a degree to hang in his office (below) and a name to go with it, because writing “Dr. Robot” on a degree feels odd to me. So his name is now Vlad Dalca. FYI, Dalca means “lightning” in Romanian apparently. Why is he Romanian? I don’t know. Why “lightning”? Because it’s cool.

Just a sketch, not digitalized yet. Also, can you translate my impromptu robot language?

To go along with the background, I also drew up some tools that would be found in the examination room that Dr. Vlad and Crash will be in. There’s also a bit of an easter egg for any TF2 fans out there.


Last but not least, a progress shot of Crash.


Beep bop.


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