Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, one and all!

Looking back on 2011, it’s been one of the most challenging years for me. I buckled down to finish out my last semester at UT strong and I began my first real serious job search. After searching for two months, I joined the workforce in August at T3 as a Contract Web Developer & Project Manager, which was both fun and daunting. And after that contract ended, I started working with Tecra in November. I’d be a fool to not be so thankful for both of these opportunities, which came to me just in the knick of time and at very supportive and understanding workplaces.

As a designer, I can confidently say I’ve grown the most in the year 2011, due in part to the fact that I started believing that I am indeed a designer and that I should act like it. In 2010, I had no web design or coding skills to speak of, no portfolio, and – worst of all – no drive to improve. In 2011, I taught myself HTML & CSS, got a working website up and running, redesigned said website four times until finally coming to one I’m confident with, and made a working portfolio that I’m working to constantly improve. I’ve also got a crazy collection of graphic and web design-related bookmarks on Chrome, organized by type as well as a whole bookmarks folder dedicated to things that inspire me.

In 2011, I established that this is what I want to do in life. This is what drives me and this is what enables me to look at the world around me in a completely different light. Things that used to be routine and ordinary are now seen as inspiration.

Now that it’s 2012, I hope to continue on the path I started last year and become the designer I truly envision myself to be.


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