A Design A Day: Week 2

January 8: Keep Austin Sweet


Inspired by the giant “LOCAL” sticker on the bottle of honey I was using with my morning tea. I was going to draw some bees selling honey on the drag, but I opted for a honey stand with a cute kid bee, much like a lemonade stand on a sidewalk.

January 9: Prepare For Launch


I was making some icons for a brochure at work and I ended up designing these for myself. But then I realized I probably won’t ever actually use them for my own website, so I’ll be using this on the brochure now. Style definitely inspired by Tim Boelaars.

January 10: Looming Overhead


Been struggling to put depression into words, so I went with illustrating it instead.

January 11: From Doubt to Do


I don’t really know where this idea came from. It just sort of happened. Less doubting, more doing!

January 12: You’re So Fetching


I’ve recently become a little enamored with Chris Thile after constantly listening to Goat Rodeo Sessions. Ended up buying “Deceiver” and “Sleep With One Eye Open” on iTunes and I’ve been listening to those albums just nonstop. Long story short: the words in this were inspired by a Chris Thile song “The Wrong Idea”.

My first shot at a sort of handwritten typography / calligraphy thing and I think it turned out pretty well. I drew it out on graph paper twice (after getting a few very helpful tips from my friends) and then traced it in Illustrator. It was a lot of fun to do (I love my new pens) and I definitely see myself doing this more in the future.

January 13: Birthday Dino


Quite a few birthdays this weekend. One of which was a friend from EGaDS who is quite fond of the online comic Nedroid. I had way too much fun drawing this out. He seemed to get a kick out of it so that made me pretty happy 😀 I drew it on graph paper, then lived traced it, then printed it off on resume paper because I seriously haven’t thought of buying myself card stock until now.

January 14: Celebrate


Another birthday card. I made this for my buddy David who was one of my first ever friends at UT. We both adore Doctor Who, so designing a birthday card with a cliche Dalek yelling out a word that rhymes with “Exterminate” was obligatory.

This is really becoming less a “design” a day and more a “design or illustration” a day, but meh. Semantics. Practice is practice and I’m getting tons of it now.


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