A Design A Day: On Hold

So this is rather unfortunate but after only two weeks of working on this project, I’m going to have to put it on the backburner. I think it started out a bit too ambitious and not very realistic considering it’s asking for one design per day after only really doing a design every couple weeks or so in the past. Transitioning to designing something completely new from start to finish daily was draining my creative juices and actually making design feel like a chore, which is the exact opposite of what I had in mind.

Not to mention, due to a crazy series of events that unfolded this past week, I haven’t been able to design anything outside of whatever I do at work. Among quite a few other drastic changes in my life, I’ve started the process of finding a new apartment and moving, which has taken priority over designing. I feel horrible each time I have to delete the “Design for Today” task on my Things app on my Iphone but as they say in Japan, Shikata ga nai. (It can’t be helped)

So apologies to anyone who was keeping up with the project. Hopefully once I’m settled into my new apartment I can churn out some great designs.


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