Moving House

Hey everybody. Sorry for the delay between blog posts. I’ve finally settled into my new apartment (it’s pretty sweet, not gonna lie) and I’ve finally gotten around to posting. Just a couple things I’d like to update ya on.

Not only did I move all my belongings from my old apartment to my new one, but I also moved all of my blog. You may have noticed that there is no longer a “notebook” button in the navigation of my site, but there is actually a “blog by ash” button in its stead (there isn’t a resume button anymore either but that’s irrelevant). Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved all my blog entries from my inhouse database to wordpress. There was probably a faster, easier, more efficient way of doing that using XML or something equally magical, but I simply did it all manually when really bored (it got addicting after the first 5 entries).

My website will still serve as my portfolio as well as my web design/development playground, but I wanted a simpler way to update my blog. I was also missing having pagination, tags, and easy entry editing. Before, I could only edit entries when at home, which was really bad when I was out and noticed a typo or bug.

Ideally, I would have the blog hosted by wordpress but still literally living in my website (one of those where you can’t really tell just from looking at it that it’s powered by WP), but I have a lot of things – both design and not design-related – going on and I don’t have the time or resources to get that done. So this is a temporary problem that I will hopefully eventually get back to. I’ve tried my best to make it match the site though.

Site pageviews will most likely suffer the most from this. I think most of my hits were on the notebook page so that’s a bit of a necessary evil.

So there you have it! Now people can actually comment on my posts! Cool huh?


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