Gotta get back in the game!

I was messing around with the theme on here and decided I’d go ahead and post an update while I was at it.

The past couple weeks, I’ve been trying to find out what exactly I want to do with my life. I was pretty set on graphic design earlier, but after working at it for a bit at a legitimate business, I’m finding my interests shifting towards illustration and writing. Design is all about solving problems while still making something beautiful. Illustration and writing is more about story-telling. I find I’m more a storyteller than anything else. Characters and setting intrigue me. Not to mention I just love doodling and creating cute things, something I don’t get to utilize a whole lot in corporate design. I still have a passion for graphic and web design: I still appreciate beautiful and well-crafted websites and outstanding typography.

One day I’d love to blend and combine all my interets: illustration, writing, graphic design, web design, typography, and sewing and crafts. I think to do this, I need to set a schedule for myself and really stick with it. Right now my bed has become my worst enemy. Anytime I migrate in the evening from my dining room table to my bedroom (which doesn’t have a desk: only a bed sans bed frame and a nightstand), productivity goes down the drain. Perhaps one day I can invest in a couch and coffee table so that if I need a break, I just chill there instead of my bedroom. For now, I’ll have to use sheer willpower to stay in my creative area.

Proposed Really-Loose-But-Structured-Enough-to-Hopefully-Yield-Results Daily Schedule

During the day: Graphic & Web Design

Down time during the day: Illustration & Typography

Evenings: Exercise and Writing. Maybe I could even go to a cafe each night to write with a notebook to get myself away from the computer.

Weekends and nights I need a break: Piano/Violin/Guitar and Sewing & Crafts

I have no idea how this’ll go. I think I really just needed this written down somewhere so that I can hold myself accountable.


One thought on “Gotta get back in the game!

  1. I definitely feel you on this. The most I have to worry about is school, godchildren and part-time work. Any downtime I have is being lazy, sleeping. So many graphics and writings that I *should* be doing. At least I have a desk job at a library to which I can occupy myself by getting acquainted with WordPress and is users.

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