An update away from home

Patience is a virtue I’ve never been quite able to master.

I want many things, some material and some not, and I want them almost instantly. But where does that get me if by some chance I do happen to get these things as soon as I want them?

It leaves me wanting more.

Rather than appreciating and being satisfied with what I have, whether it be the latest gadget or the praise for a half-baked idea, I quickly move on to the next thing, convincing myself that it’s not selfishness but rather progress.

But progress is not instant. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Progress comes to those who work tirelessly, craft painstakingly, and give selflessly. These people do not take shortcuts and they don’t expect praise. They work diligently and take their time, for what value does their work have if it has been thrown together haphazardly with no regard for how it can stand the test of time? No, these dreamers work with a goal in mind and the determination to see it through to the end. And by working on it meticulously, their work will not only be more satisfying and gratifying to others, but also to themselves.

It’s not about getting the job done as fast as possible; it’s about getting it done right (though finishing it in a timely manner doesn’t hurt). I’ve been running around since graduation trying to get too much done and in a short amount of time. It’s time I focused on one thing and mastered it. Those other things will always be there as a hobby during my free time when I need a break, so long as I don’t let them stress me out.

It’s all about patience.


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