gets some much needed love

Check out the updated designbyash site!

Before you ask, no, I have not been able to make my website responsive yet. It’s a long process that I haven’t even begun because I know how tedious it will be. I don’t anticipate the design of the site changing at all – it would just mean making all the pages responsive, which unfortunately will be a lot of behind the scenes backend coding work. If I could magically just make the homepage collapse into one-, two-, or three-column layout, that’d be a miracle. But I don’t foresee that happening because of the way I built my site in PHP. It’s a whole undertaking I am still too timid to dive into yet.


I have finally updated the portfolio pieces of my website as well as reorganized them. Before, each piece featured on the homepage was based on client. Now, because I tend to do multiple projects of different types for different clients, it’s much easier to categorize on work type. So at the top you’ll see web, responsive (I can design responsive! I’m just not able to code it yet!), and mobile. It’s good to finally have some work I’ve done with HCB up there.

In addition to updating the portfolio pieces, I’ve updated the look and feel of the website itself. Pretty subtle changes but it makes it all look less outdated. No background texture, new sans serif font from google fonts, and better hover states on the homepage so it’s very clear what you’re interacting with.

Lastly, I took the plunge and just deleted my entire tumblr account. I was never using it except the few times I remembered that I could post my instagram pictures. The whole account was mostly created in an attempt to add more content to my website. Since I’ve got lots of actual content on there, there really is no need for a picture-only tumblr blog.

I realize that no one really reads this blog, but I wanted to post an update for posterity.  If you did happen to read all this, feel free to say hello in the comments!


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