Rock & Fire: For Mishi & Matt

tonnemacherweddingI wrote this song two years ago for my best friend and her fiance at the time. I’ve dabbled in writing songs but never managed to get the feeling of romance that I had yearned for. Writing about my own romantic woes never cut it. But when I found out my best friend from high school was engaged, the words and the melody came easily. It’s hard to write about love when you’re single and depressed; it’s easy when it’s staring at you in the relationship of your best friend and her now husband.

It was intended as a duet and thankfully I was able to enlist the help of my friend Seb to sing the male part. We surprised both of them at their wedding by performing it. It’s the first (and as of this post last) time I had performed a guitar song of my own creation in public. Needless to say, I was nervous as hell.

Today is Matt & Mishi’s two year anniversary. Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids.

I can tell you’ve been fighting too long
You’ve grown tired of being strong
Close your eyes, let it all disappear
I am here
I am here

You’re my rock when the winter winds blow
You’re my fire when all hope grows cold
In the darkness, you’re my shooting star
Near or far
Near or far

When I close my eyes all I see is your face
You’re the one I’ve wanted for all of my days
Doesn’t matter where we go, I’ll hold your hand
Cause you’re my girl
And you’re my man

It’s a long road that stretches ahead
D’you remember the words that I said?
“As each step brings us closer to home
You’re not alone
You’re not alone”

It’s just us against the world now, it’s our push to be free
It’s the sun on our backs, it’s the scrapes on our knees
It’s a promise, it’s a pledge, it’s our sacrosanct vow
We’ll cross this desert somehow
Sure as the sun will go down
Against this unchartered ground
It’s just the two of us now

I couldn’t get a hold of the video of Seb and me performing, but here is a recording of us that we did in my apartment Christmas 2013.


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