Playing Around with Isometric Illustrations

I’ve been wanting to try out the isometric illustration style ever since I started following Timothy Reynolds on Dribbble. (Some other notable isometric artists on there are Marc Clancy and Guillaume Kurkdjian.) This style is very unique in that elements within it can very easily be scaled and moved around without having to adjust the shapes and pieces themselves. This perspective angle is used often in video games, specifically top-down games such as RPG’s and puzzle games.

Designer friend Kelly Stahn linked me this Adobe Illustrator tutorial and I instantly fell in love with the process. Here’s what I threw together while going through the tutorial. It’s not very detailed, but it was a good exercise to get the basic concept down. I can only imagine how much better it would look with some good ol’ fashion texturing. One thing I’ve already learned is that some shapes (like the ribbon on the gift or the coffee mug) don’t need to be made using the isometric process; some shapes are already naturally isometric.


BMO is so pretty and smart!


BMO makes another appearance! Shows how easy it is to reuse elements from other isometric projects.


Couldn’t think of anything else to illustrate, so here’s downtown with HCB’s building highlighted!

I can’t wait to do this for future work! Not sure if I’d get to use it for client work at all, but at the very least I can use it for my own independent work.


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