100 Days Down!


On August 27th (my best friend’s birthday), I swore to not drink soda for a year, with the goal of quitting it completely after that year. Today I’m happy to announce I’ve officially gone 100 Days Without Soda! Hurray!

I’m positive that quitting soda before starting keto was tremendously helpful. My keto flu probably would’ve double or tripled that first week on keto if I hadn’t already gone through the soda withdrawal weeks prior.


3 thoughts on “100 Days Down!

  1. Well done!! Was it coke or pepsi or what kind of soda? I only drink soda water and never drink coke anymore. It really is quite bad for you. What differences can you notice since giving it up?

    • Pretty much any soda. Dr. Pepper is my biggest weakness, followed by pepsi, coke, sunkist, and pretty much everything. My teeth feel so much better after quitting and I don’t get sugar crashes anymore. It’s great! Don’t miss it at all!

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