1 Dress + 1 Year – 16.4lbs

2015-12-05 20.00.23

Left: 12/5/14 at 147lbs. Right: 12/5/15 at 130.6lbs.

I’ve already spammed all my social media with this picture from Saturday (as well as r/keto) but I figured I’d post it here too for anyone who’s following me only on WordPress.

Left picture was taken December 5, 2014.

I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 147lbs. I wasn’t really keeping track of my eating or exercise; I just did whatever I wanted. For 2014, I was averaging only 7 workouts per month. I was a happy person in a happy relationship, but I knew something needed to change when all my clothes felt too tight and uncomfortable.

So, in 2015 from January to September, I got my butt in gear exercise-wise. I was regularly going to the gym and had started both rock climbing and blogilates. I was averaging 15 workouts per month. I, however, wasn’t watching my eating a whole lot. I kept a food log from April to August, but wasn’t actually tracking calories; just writing down in a spreadsheet what foods I ate and highlighting them either green or red for healthy or non-healthy foods respectively. I had lost 7.4lbs using this method.

Finally, in September, I started keto.

Right picture was taken December 5, 2015.

After being on keto for almost 3 months, working out four times per week, tracking my exercise and food on Fitbit, and staying positive, I’m here. I’m 10lbs from my final goal. Keeping a log here on my blog as well as posting updates for my friends and family on facebook keep me motivated.

I hope this serves as inspiration for anyone else doing keto or trying to lose weight.

You can do it!


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