New Year’s Resolutions!

In order to make myself accountable for all of these resolutions I’m setting, I decided to make it public by posting it to my blog. Surely, this can’t end in failure, right? Here are my resolutions in no particular order.

Stay on board the Keto Train!

First rule of Keto Club? Never shut up about Keto Club. Seriously. I’ve become that girl who gets a little too excited about talking about her diet.

Continue to work out 4x a week.

I’ve been doing a variety of things for exercise (rock climbing, bouldering, running, calisthenics, and weight lifting) and I can’t stress how much it helps to have different options. I get so bored of running so I tend to just do it once a week and really push myself during those runs.

Use my WaterPik more often.

I’ve got some pretty gnarly gums that I have to go in to get deep cleaned every 3-4 months. After my dentist recommended the WaterPik (it’s a water flosser) I was consistently using it 4x a week just because of the novelty of it; it was actually kinda fun. But now the novelty’s worn off and I’ve gotten back into bad and lazy habits. Despite my last cleaning showing good gum health progress, I know I can do a lot better. Hopefully all this carb-cutting helps too!

Do at least one design/illustration tutorial per month.

These can range from really short tutorials to more lengthy ones. I just want to add more skills to my design utility belt. Maybe I’ll even get one blog post per month going over the tutorials I end up doing.

Volunteer locally at least once per season.

I don’t make a whole lot of money. Not enough for me to donate as regularly as I like. I made a point to donate during AGDQ 2015 and SGDQ 2015, (edit: and now also AGDQ 2016!) but it’s not much. I may not have a lot of disposable income, but I do have time. So I’ll donate that.

It used to be a requirement in junior high and high school to do community service. I did all that when it was asked of me but that all stopped when I got to college. Now, years later, I’m finally going to get back into the swing of it.

Continue to write at least one blog post per month.

Back in June, I announced my plan to do one blog post every month. The original goal was to make them all design-related, but you can see how that went by the wayside. In all honesty, the real goal with keeping up a blog was to practice my writing so that I didn’t get sloppy. Once I started, it became a nice outlet for the things in my life that I valued. And if I manage to follow through with my 1 tutorial per month resolution, I’ll already be guaranteed one blog post! Two birds one stone!

Write another series similar to the Leaving Home series.

Leaving Home was a very rewarding project in which I interviewed my close and extended family about their experiences immigrating to the United States. I learned a lot about my family and I’d love to do a similar project with my friends.

I’m hoping all of these are ambitious enough that I feel accomplished after completing them, but not so lofty that I’m destined to fail. I tried to keep them very realistic. A good portion of them are just continuing habits I’ve already started.

Just to recap for myself:

  1. Stay on board the Keto Train.
  2. Continue to work out 4x a week.
  3. Use my WaterPik more often.
  4. Do at least one design/illustration tutorial per month.
  5. Volunteer locally at least once per season.
  6. Continue to write one blog post per month.
  7. Write another series similar to the Leaving Home series.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? What do you need to start doing to get there?



2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. I am totally down for doing volunteer work with you! I used to volunteer 2X/week before grad school and I feel pretty horrible for not recently. Next fall I plan to volunteer at a flu shot clinic, but I’m thinking maybe about doing a park clean up or animal shelter thing soon.

    Also, let’s talk WaterPik soon. I have a small jaw so my teeth are crowded and this might be a better flossing solution for me.

    Good luck with 2016!

    • Yay! Cool! What’s funny is we’re actually hoping to volunteer as a group at work once per quarter, so that lined up pretty perfectly with my resolution. But I enjoyed doing the food bank last month a lot, so I might do that outside of the work ones! Cleaning up a park would be good too!

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