I really freakin’ love keto


Me after realizing I can fit into my high school uniform skirt again.

Four month check-in time! This month has treated me very kindly. I wasn’t initially planning to make these monthly posts, but I ended up enjoying tracking my progress and my feelings towards the keto lifestyle.

Previous monthly check-ins: 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months



Before keto: 139.6 lbs

After 4 months of keto (Jan 15): 127* lbs (down 12.6 lbs!)

*The lightest I was during month 4 was 126.2 lbs.

BMI (Healthy range for BMI is 18.5–24.9)

Before keto: 26.4

After 4 months of keto (Jan 15): 24 (down 2.4!)

This is honestly the best I’ve felt in a long time about my body. I don’t think I’ve ever been this confident about it, even in high school when I was a super tiny girl who danced in the drill team. I was insecure about my chubby arms, what very little flab I had on my stomach, and my massive thighs (massive from all the dancing). But now, I’ve learned to embrace all these parts of me and they’re actually slowly shrinking away. I don’t think I’ll ever have very thin upper arms, but I’m okay with this because I know after all the bouldering, I’m building up muscle. Not gonna lie, I’ve got some pretty sweet biceps now. I have a proper waist too and although I do still have some fat on my stomach, it’s nowhere near what it was last year when I was at my heaviest.

Most of the challenges I faced during my first month of keto are gone. Cravings just don’t happen anymore and I don’t really miss carbs. One time, at Jason’s deli, I forgot to tell the cashier to not include the piece of bread that was included with my caesar salad. So, when my plate arrived and there was a big piece of bread on it, I had to ignore it. And it was so easy! It honestly didn’t even look that appetizing.

After four months of eating this way, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to what I was eating before; that’s what got me overweight in the first place! I’m hoping once I get to my goal weight, I can start introducing some carbs back into my food. Mostly because I really miss fruit, specifically bananas. I don’t think I’d ever want to go back to eating pasta, bread, or rice but fruit and some higher-carb veggies are totally fine.

Some non-scale victories from month 4

  • The shorts used for my Blake Belladonna cosplay are very loose! (They’re a size 6; I clearly need a size 4 now.)
  • The vest for my Blake cosplay needs to be taken in.
  • I’ve had to adjust my StitchFix style profile multiple times to lower the number in the weight field.
  • One of my winter jackets zips up much easier now than it did before.
  • Eating healthier just feels so much easier.

Biggest scale victory: I’m 20 lbs down from my heaviest weight of 147 lbs!

Details of my keto lifestyle

Food: I do lazy keto in that I don’t keep close track of my fat or protein intake and I don’t limit my net carbs to just 20g. My daily net carbs tend to range from 20-50g. I do however try to eat at a calorie deficit and use Fitbit to track that. I’ve got it set to medium, so a 500cal daily deficit with the goal of losing 1lb per week. It’s been working very well for me because it doesn’t stress me out too much. And I’ve been steadily losing about that amount (it’s a little less than 1lb, but hey close enough!).

Exercise: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays are workout days. This is law. If I deviate from it, I must plan for it beforehand. For example. if I know that I’m going to a movie Tuesday night, I will plan to exercise Wednesday night. My workouts tend to look something like this:

Monday: Powerhouse core routine (see below)

Tuesday: 1 hour of bouldering

Thursday: Either lifting weights or 1 hour of bouldering

Saturday: Run on treadmill (~2-3.5mi per run)


Powerhouse is a cool core workout I learned while bouldering at NARG. It’s a 30-minute interval workout and I love how tired I am by the end of it.

For each of these pairs, you do 30 seconds of the first exercise, 30 seconds of the second one, then rest for 30 seconds. We’ll call that one set. You do 3 sets of each pair. Between pairs, rest for 60 seconds.

Pair 1: Mountain climbers + Plank

Pair 2: Bicycle kicks + V-ups

Pair 3: Tricep dips + Tricep holds (you hold in the dip position for the duration of the 30 seconds)

Pair 4: Russian twists + Boat holds

Pair 5: Flutter kicks + Double leg circles

Pair 6: Jumping jacks + burpees

The nice part about this is that the only equipment you need is a chair for Pair 3. Other than that, you don’t need anything except your own body and maybe a yoga mat!

Reward and tracking system!

I love giving myself micro-rewards. I’ve mentioned my workout calendar with stickers (January’s sticker theme is Pusheen!) but I also track on my iPhone calendar, a spreadsheet I’ve created, and Fitocracy. Earning experience points on Fitocracy, stickers for my calendar, and data points for my charts is so rewarding. It’s important to reward yourself daily/weekly when you’ve exercised. Weight loss results are slow, so you need something to keep you going while the pounds slowly whittle away!

What exercises do you like to do? What rewards do you give yourself after every workout?

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