Krista Kicks Cancer


Krista with her super awesome new purple hair

An old coworker of mine, Krista, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And it sucks. She’s around my age and I cannot for the life of me even imagine what she must be dealing with right now.


Check out her wordpress blog Krista Kicks Cancer to keep up with her story as she undergoes treatment.

I’m not going to pretend we’re best friends because I know we’re not; I haven’t seen her since I left T3 over four years ago and we’ve only kept in contact through facebook. But that doesn’t matter because cancer fucking sucks (pardon my language) and Krista can use any support she can get. So here’s me reaching out to the tiny audience I have through this blog asking you to help if you can. You may not know her, you may only be able to spare $1, but every bit helps.

If you can, donate to her Go Fund Me page.

The fact that we have to raise so much money to help someone in their time of need is a testament to how fucked up (again, sorry) our medical system is here in the U.S. But that’s a rant for a later time. Right now, we have to work with what we’ve got.

Kick cancer’s ass, Krista. If anyone can do it, it’s definitely you. You’ve always been an upbeat and positive person. Don’t let this diagnosis change who you are. You’re still you.


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