Eating Keto after Moving

It’s been seven months now that Jason and I have been eating keto. Although I think at this point, it’s safe to say it’s more been low-carb than really truly keto. The cheating we did back in late February and early March really made going back to keto difficult. So let me say this to anyone who is on the fence about cheating: just don’t do it. It’s not really worth it. The taste may feel great in the moment, but hours later you’ll be at war with your stomach and guilt. Not only that, but it’ll be another few days before you get back into ketosis. If you need to “cheat” try to choose foods that are still keto friendly but maybe something you don’t do very often. Steak would definitely be my favorite “cheat” meal.

The Stats


Before keto: 139.6 lbs

After 7 months of keto (April 14): 124 lbs* (down 15.6 lbs!)

*Lightest I had been for this month was 122.6lbs

BMI (Healthy range for BMI is 18.5–24.9)

Before keto: 26.4

After 7 months of keto (April 14): 23.4 (down 3!)

Jason and I arrived in Bend March 18th, but wouldn’t actually move into our rental house until April 1st. That meant we were in a hotel for a little over two weeks. While the hotel room we got had a mini-kitchen in it – fridge, stove top with two burners, dishwasher, and some cooking things like a cutting board, knives, etc – it wasn’t exactly the easiest place to cook in. So we ended up resorting to eating out. A lot. Which was expensive and a bit difficult. Both of us are new to the area, so we don’t know the spots that locals like to frequent. We only knew the expensive resort trap spots that were plastered all over restaurant guides.

During this two week period, I was eating close to 100 net carbs. That’s pretty bad. I had also gotten back into the habit of having tea every morning, so that was bumping up my carbs a bit too cause I always take it with two sugar packs and some milk. And during this whole time, I couldn’t weigh myself because our scale was with the rest of our things with the movers. It was the longest I had gone without weighing myself since we started keto and it made me so nervous. After a while though, I got used to it. Once we were moved in (and found the scale in one of our many boxes) I was really pleased to see that I had actually lost 1.2lbs – going from 125lbs to 123.8lb – since my last weigh-in. Despite not eating very keto, the amount of food I was eating was a lot smaller than before.

Photo Apr 17, 12 28 25 PM

After bouldering 4/17/15. Happy to say I didn’t lose too much muscle during this month despite workouts being at an all-time low.

Working out has proved a bit challenging too. It was easier at the hotel cause there was a gym, so I would lift weights or run on the treadmill there. Once we moved into our house, however, it got a bit tougher. For one thing, there was just too much to do getting settled in, so I had no time or energy to work out. For another, I didn’t have a gym membership anywhere yet so I had to make do with two 10lb dumbbells and running around our (very nice) neighborhood. Thankfully, as of today, I have a membership at Bend Rock Gym and went bouldering today for half an hour. It was grueling. The last time I had climbed was March 3rd and that was when I was doing two 1-hour sessions each week. V0’s kicked my butt today but I’m so glad I went. I have a lot of progress to make up, but I know I can if I’m consistent with going to the gym.

In other, tangentially related news, I’ve started work on my Korra cosplay! Here’s a picture of me testing out the few pieces I have so far! (Armbands, boots, and waist sash – or what I like to refer to as a “butt cape”) I say it’s related cause working on my fitness is also part of my cosplay goal for looking good for Korra.

Overall, not the best keto month, but we both did the best we could given our situation. Now that we’ve got our house and I have my gym membership, all that’s left is settling into a new routine.

Photo Apr 15, 10 29 53 AM (1)



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