Mental Health Month: Renewal

I guess it’s been a full year since I bore my soul for all to see here on my blog. Mental Health Awareness is still an issue very close to my heart. I’m not really involved in any organizations (I should fix that) but I do my best to be supportive and voice the side of those suffering mental illness whenever it comes up. I try to break the stigma whenever I can. Thankfully, I find myself having to do that less these days as people are becoming more aware and open minded to these issues.

As for me, I’ve been doing pretty awesome since that post but have had some rough days, most likely brought on with the stress of moving so far away. I’m glad that I at least know now what helps me during my bouts: rest, healthy food, and the knowledge that it will pass. I still hold onto that one quote from Firefly that Inara says to the woman in labor:

“This is just a moment in time. Step aside and let it pass.”

If you love someone, reach out to them and ask them how they are. Most times, someone suffering from depression/anxiety simply doesn’t have the energy, will, or motivation to ask for help themselves. It can take a loved one asking them how they are—and genuinely caring about their response— to make them feel safe enough to open up. I know firsthand that the last thing I wanted to do when depressed was talk to someone about my feelings, because I thought it would come off as whining and a waste of their time. But if someone had asked me how I was and really listened, it was a lot easier to be honest.


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