Sorry for the absence!

It’s been a very busy summer, both at work and at home. In June, I was gone for a week and a half while I visited London and Paris with my mom and dad. (Super amazing trip. I should probably write a blog post about it.) And then after I got home, I was heads down at work helping design and develop the brand spanking new website for our company. It took weeks and every day after work I barely had enough energy to work out. So this blog got cast aside.

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you! Despite failing most of my New Year’s resolutions, I’m still very much aware of keeping this blog up to date. So, I wanted to announce that by the end of the month (or maybe mid September at the latest) I’m going to have two new posts: “Making My Korra Cosplay” and “Making My Sylveon Cosplay.” They’ll be very similar in style to both my Blake Belladonna and Wanda Maximoff ones. This time, however, I’ve added a little navigation at the top so you can jump to whatever section you want. The timing of the blog post will depend heavily on when I finish both costumes, so that date is very tentative.

I’ll be wearing both of these cosplays for Kumoricon in October. I’m super excited for both of them and I can’t wait to be completely done with them so my free time can once again be spent at the gym. Sylveon will be for a huge Eeveelutions group that I’ve signed up for. We’re hoping to have 18 people total: 9 female and 9 male. The cosplays will be based on Sunset Dragon’s DnD Eeveelutions concept art. The female ones are already designed while the male ones will be based on the female concepts. I’m already loving our group since we have a private facebook chat/group that we can share our progress on. Everyone is so talented!

Just as a teaser, here are a couple preview shots of both cosplays! Korra is pretty much done except for some minor details and getting the bending props where I want them. Sylveon is at about 65% completion.

Look forward to those two posts soon and hope you’ve been having a good summer! Make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!



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