Stretching Techniques for Flexibility

I’ve always been a bit of a dancer. I did ballet and tap when I was really small. I quit pretty early on though so I never got to the upper level classes like jazz or pointe. In junior high I joined the drill team at my school and I was a cheerleader for a couple years after that. Then, in high school, I joined drill team my sophomore year and really learned how to dance. Competition season was the best because we got to learn really cool routines and got new costumes to wear for the performances. Senior year I even choreographed my own solo routine and was placed into the first division. After that, my dancing has been very limited. I briefly did modern/hip-hop dance my freshman year of college as part of the Filipino Student Association. I also went to this thing called Contra dance for a little bit after college, which was basically a type of folk dancing, mostly with an older crowd.

I don’t get to dance a whole lot anymore, but I still remember lots of the techniques I learned during drill team. We had a stretching routine we did before every practice and it’s all muscle memory now. I try to do it every time I exercise to keep up my flexibility, but some days are better than others.

Recently, a friend mentioned wanting to learn to do the splits and I offered to give her pointers. I was planning on just writing out something for her, but I thought a video would be better. So I recorded myself stretching. I figured there might be more like her who want to learn, so I’ve posted it on youtube! I’m no expert and I’m not the most flexible person, but I’m hoping that just makes me easier to identify with for beginners.

Here’s the video! Hope you enjoy it! Hopefully I’ll have a follow-up video where I get both my right and middle split!


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