“Through the Valley” Cover (The Last of Us Part II Trailer song)

On Saturday, Sony announced the sequel to The Last of Us at PSX. It was a super short video that included Ellie playing guitar and singing. Naturally, I had to do my own cover of it.

Here’s the original trailer:

I learned all of it by ear before realizing it was a cover of an existing song (“Through the Valley” by Shawn James). There were already tabs on Ultimate Guitar, but I had already learned it myself by then. After practicing it a ton, I got into a quick closet cosplay and recorded myself doing it! I wanted to try to recreate the trailer’s shots a bit. There were a few that I missed or had trouble getting close enough since I was just filming by myself at home with my iphone and music stand as a tripod. So apologies for the low quality video but I had a lot of fun both recording and editing it!

Here’s my video! Enjoy!

Now that I know there’s an entire song, hopefully I can learn the rest of the song and do another video. Maybe with some help and better shot composition. And also more blood and dirt smeared on myself.


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