On Divergent Thinking

To achieve divergent thinking, it is important to have a diverse group of people involved in the process. Multidisciplinary people—architects who have studied psychology, artists with MBAs, or engineers with marketing experience—often demonstrate this quality. They’re people with the capacity and the disposition for collaboration across disciplines. – “An Introduction to Human-Centered Design” a course by NovoEd +Acumen Advertisements

On Inspiration

“I think life informs art—real inspiration often comes from conversations with friends, travels, or just reading about things that pique my curiosity. I often use my own photography as reference material…I also save a lot of images from various blogs and sources online. It could be anything from a detail like someone’s glasses or hair…

On Being a Fan

“If you want fans, you have to be a fan first. If you want to be accepted by a community, you have to first be a good citizen of that community. If you’re only pointing to your own stuff online, you’re doing it wrong.” – Austin Kleon, “Show Your Work”

On Gaining Happiness

“If your goal is happiness (and it should be!), you need to adjust that unhappiness equation, and learn to work with ‘enough.’ Celebrate the reality you DO have.  … [B]e okay with who you are and how your reality turned out. It doesn’t mean getting complacent and accepting “good enough” syndrome, but rather realizing that…

On “Mobile First”

Identify the content critical to the smaller screen. Once you’ve done that, consider that content to be the information accessible to all your readers, regardless of how wide (or small) their screen happens to be. If there’s additional information you’d like to include on wider viewports, consider it an enhancement. Adopting this “mobile first” mindset…