Cosplay Patterns

Here are some patterns that I’ve made over the years for my various cosplays. Feel free to use them for your own cosplays! Some patterns include multiple sizes in one file so you can print them off and pick the size that best suits your needs!

Standard-sized Patterns

(Can be printed on 8.5×11 printer paper)

Kali Belladonna Embroidery

Mae Borowski Mascot Head (coming soon)

Mae Borowski Null Shirt Design

Maria Calavera Embroidery (coming soon)

Maria Calavera Scythes

Overcooked Tomato Sign

Prey Transtar Scientist Access Card

Prey Mimic Plush

Tabloid-sized Patterns

(Can be printed on 11×17 printer paper)

Mae Borowski Mascot Head

Maria Calavera Embroidery

Maria Calavera Scythes

Overcooked Tomato Sign

Last updated: 5/15/19